Policy Statement

Power Torque Services, LLC conducts all business with the mindset of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all involved. Our commitment is expressed and facilitated through the following Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System. This system is reviewed annually (at minimum) and maintained by Power Torque Services’ management staff. Executive management, line management, and all employees of Power Torque Services, LLC are required to fully comply with the entire HSE system explained in greater detail below.

Expectations include but are not limited to the following items:

  • To maintain management’s visible and effective commitment to all HSE Policies and Procedures
  • To constantly set discernable goals for continuous improvement of incident ratios
  • To prevent any/all pollution
  • To ensure environmental protection and the protection of our employees, customers, and community through training
  • To hold all management and employees accountable for any/all HS&E matters
  • To participate in periodic scheduled and non-scheduled audits of the HS&E management system
  • To integrate the assimilation of risk and HS&E policies into our business plans, decisions, and daily operations
  • To ensure that the HS&E management system is in full compliance with all State and Federal regulations
  • To adhere to all industry standards and applicable laws
  • To enforce proactively all HS&E policies including Stop Work Authority
  • To allocate necessary resources to maintain our HS&E management system
  • To ensure that our HS&E management system is available to all

Power Torque Services, LLC will deliver quality services, equipment, and personnel to our customers with a proactive attitude to best protect our employees, customers, and environment. We are committed to ensuring and promoting safety for our customers, our company, and our people.
Power Torque Services, LLC is a proud member of ISNetworld & PEC.
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